Hiking is a very good way to see Crete. It’s the best way to see what this island really is. Crete is not just resorts and bars or a sunny place with pretty beaches. Crete is a mountainous island and the island’s history, as well as the personality of its inhabitants was greatly affected by these mountains.

The mountains of Crete

In the west there are Lefka Ori (White Mountains): 2453m, in the center there is Mt Idi (Psiloritis): 2456m and in the east there is Mt Dikti: 2148m. Cretan mountains form a continuous chain from one end of the island to the other and they make Crete look much larger than it really is.

Hiking and trekking throughout Crete

The final part of E4 path is ending here (4th European).

It is a path starting from Portugal, going through Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, ending in Crete; it is crossing Crete along its entire length from Elafonisi to Kato Zakros (** there are 2 different routes from Sougia to Asites). It is marked with black-and-yellow posts and signs.

More information about E4 path: European Path E4  Path E4

An integral part of hiking is Climbing. There are a lot of routes in Crete, where you can enjoy every mountainous sport.

The most famous climbing locations in Crete are at the canyons of Agiofaragho and Ha. You can find more information about the gorges here