From the palm forest, a little to the west of Agios Nikitas’ beach, there is a series of breathtaking secluded beaches (like Kalami) with peculiar rocks, holes and basins, where the water gets trapped and gradually evaporates thus forming salt-marshes, from which locals collect sea salt to trade. If you do not have a canoe, try to walk the coastline west as far as you can. You’ll discover impressive geological and terrestrial formations and well-hidden twisting bays and sea caverns.

At the point where the precipitous rocks and cliffs prevent you from walking further begins the most beautiful part of the Municipality’s coastline. Along it are many small and large caves suitable for underwater exploration. Petrigiari, a tiny pebble beach surrounded by tall boulders, is formed at the exit of the narrow Kapoperato Gorge in the Skiadaki area, which starts 10km south of the village of Achentrias.

Next is the fairytale-like Aspes beach (from the Greek word for landslides). It can only be reached by boat or sea canoe. The nearest small ports are in Treis Ekklisies and Tsoutsouras, where you can hop on a boat to Aspes daily.