In the region of the western Asterousia Mountains (Agiofarango, Kapetaniana, Kofinas), as well as in the cave of Agios Antonios (the impressive cave formation approximately in the middle of the Paranymfoi or Treis Ekklisies-Koudoumas trail), you will find many courses of varying degrees of difficulty and unique interest, due to the dramatic landscape and amazing images created by the combination of the brown-red vertical slopes that plunge into the deep blue of the sea.

Within the borders of the Municipality of Archanes-Asterousia, the best known courses are in Treis Ekklisies and, specifically, in Abas Gorge and in the beginning of the Kleisoura trail, which runs parallel to Abas Gorge, approached from the beach and from Treis Ekklisies (it is rough going for those who decide to cross it to get to Paranymfoi).

For those interested in experimenting with the creation of new courses, try the rocks easily identified when driving from Paranymfoi to Mournia.

In recent years, courses of various difficulty levels have been opened on the slopes of Mt. Juktas.

For all climbing courses, participants are required to have their own 50m rope, personal set of gear and individual equipment (harness, helmet, footwear, etc.).

Avoid climbing from December to February. It is the mating season of the few pairs of birds of prey that choose the rocks as their nesting and mating grounds!