Nearest hamlet: Maridaki

Entrance coordinates: 034ο59.786 Ν / 025 ο 14.573 Ε / 460 el.

Exit coordinates: 034ο 58 584 Ν / 025 ο 16 294 Ε / 0 el.

Average canyon crossing time – canyoning (calculated for 4 experienced individuals): 3 h

Difficulty level (the level of difficulty is calculated on a scale of 1 to 6): 2+

Longer descent: 65m

Duration of hike from the stop point to the entrance of the gorge: 5min

Duration of the hike from the exit point of the gorge to the parking area: 5min

Entrance-exit distance (in km by car): 10km

Appropriate period:Year-round

Recommended period: Winter, Spring

Amenities: Cafés and taverns in Maridaki (seasonal) and lodgings in the nearby settlement of Tsoutsouras (seasonal).

Lichnistis Gorge starts in Achentrias valley, at the ‘Faraggouli’ location and gets its name from the impressive waterfall located towards its exit. The gorge is generally rather open with the occasional narrower spot. It is long and features alternating rock types, like ‘Plakoura’, a remarkable rock formation of limestone. Before the gorge reaches the sea, it forms a series of five waterfalls, the last of which is the impressive ‘Lichnistis’, 65m tall.

  Download the kml file of the route in your device:  (kml) Maridaki gorge (Lichnistis)