Nearest hamlets: Achentrias, Maridaki, Pera Tsoutsouras

Distance: 7.2km

Duration: 3 hours

Entrance coordinates: 34° 59.422’N / 25° 13.509’E (Achentrias)

Exit coordinates: 34° 59.051’N / 25° 16.842’E (Pera Tsoutsouras)

Trail type: Goat path and gorge bed. No markings (GPS tracker is a must)

Difficulty: Difficult

Recommended season: Spring, summer, autumn (beware of rainfall and high temperatures)

Amenities: Cafés at Achentrias, tavernas and seasonal accommodation at Maridaki and Tsoutsouras

Two gorges start in Achentrias: ‘Ligiofarango’, which is dry and can be hiked across, and ‘Lichnistis’, which is suitable only for canyoning lovers. Ligiofarango can be hiked but there are difficult descents and ascents along the bed. The trail starts just outside Achentrias.

Hike through the fields and dry stones, following the goat trail and you will gradually enter the bed of the gorge, which you follow until the exit at Maridaki. Towards the end the two gorges converge and end along a joint bed leading to the beach. Shortly before the end of the second gorge, there is a series of five waterfalls. The last one, Lichnistis, is 60m high. Within Maridaki there is a spring that preserves the rich vegetation consisting of century-old plane trees and other water-loving plants. There are steps heading up from the spring to Tsoutsouras.

  Download the kml file of the route in your device:  (kml) Ligiofarango and Lichnistis